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How to Manifest a Job: A Step-By-Step Guide

How To Manifest | By: Katie Lister

May 03, 2024

How can I manifest my dream job? Does manifesting a job work? How do I write a manifest for a job? How long does it take to manifest a job? Where can I learn how to manifest a job? If you have these and other questions, you have come to the right place.

Hi there, I’m Katie Lister, a practicing Registered Nurse and the founder of Growth Gals. I’m passionate about personal development and empowering women to live their best lives. At Growth Gals, we provide a supportive community for women to connect, learn, and grow together.

It is so important that women have safe spaces to discuss various topics related to everyday issues that affect their lives, such as mental health challenges, navigating relationships, and self-improvement. This is what GG is all about. If you have been especially curious about learning how manifesting a job works, this article will tell you everything you need to know about how to manifest a job.

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Katie Lister

Katie Lister

Written by Katie Lister, RN, BScN. An experienced Registered Nurse, Group Facilitator, Life Coach, and Community Leader. Read Katie's Full Author Bio


To manifest means to make your goals, dreams, and desires come to fruition by believing it’s possible. Manifestation works by having a positive mindset and using the Law of Attraction. You can attract anything you want if you believe, focus your energy and thoughts, and remove all your limiting beliefs. Rhonda Byrne’s movie and book, “The Secret,” popularized the Law of Attraction. This law suggests that your thoughts are magnetic, and you attract negative energy when you think negative thoughts.

The subconscious mind has no sense of reality. When you believe in something, you should act in the present moment as if it has already come true. Several manifestation methods inherently use the same basic principles of asking, believing, and receiving. These techniques include:

  • Creating a vision board
  • Journaling (gratitude journaling and scripting)
  • Visualizing
  • 369 method
  • 777 method
  • Positive affirmations

Why You Should Use Manifestation to Get Your Dream Job

Sometimes, you can get stuck working in a mundane work environment below your qualifications. All your efforts to get a better position seem futile and you wonder what more you can do. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you can make the Law of Attraction work for you and manifest the perfect job.  

The Law of Attraction demands that you first let go of all limiting beliefs that make you think of yourself as unworthy. Daily positive affirmations will help you believe in yourself and know you are worthy and deserving of that job.

Often, we tell ourselves to clap for others’ success stories until it’s our turn.  Don’t wait, manifest that new career and make it your turn. However, you must work hard towards your goal. Manifestation will:

  • Improve your self-confidence
  • Improve your self-esteem
  • Improve your mental wellness and clarity of thought

Without manifesting that job you dream of, your limiting beliefs will make you stay in the same job for years. These negative vibes lower your vibrational frequency, and as per the Law of Attraction, you will attract more negativity in your life, a vicious cycle.

Learn how to manifest someone in this article. 

How to-Manifest-a Job

How to Manifest For Your Dream Job

Manifesting your dream job is possible. Your thoughts and positive energy act as magnets, attracting the outcomes you focus on. By changing your thoughts and believing in your ability to achieve, you increase your chances of getting your desired outcome. However, you must remember that manifestation requires action. You have to take inspired action toward your goal, as nothing will come to fruition if you sit and do nothing.  The following steps will guide you in manifesting the job of your dreams:

Decide what your dream job is

Consider the industry you want to work in, the role you wish to, your coworkers, and your commute. Be crystal clear on what you want, not just what you don’t want. Choose a job that excites you and makes you feel content.

Let go of limiting beliefs

Let go of all self-limiting beliefs and negative self-talk that hold you back. Some of the limiting beliefs include thoughts like:

  • I am not good enough for that position
  • I am not qualified enough

Instead, use positive affirmations to guide you toward positive thoughts. These affirmations may include:

  • I can do this
  • I deserve that job and more


Visualize your dream job, including the location, colleagues, and daily routine. Feel excited about getting the job interview email or call from a recruiter, receiving the job offer, and seeing yourself living in that reality.

Write down details in a journal or create a vision board. Use the scripting technique and write a letter or make journal entries as your future self about securing your desired job. After you secure the job, read the letter later and check whether the timelines align.

Put in the work

When you manifest, you have to put in the work. Create an accountability plan to keep yourself on track during your job hunt. Write your plans and ideas and take tangible action toward getting that dream job. Send out one job application per day. Search social media platforms like LinkedIn for networking events or listen to a job seeker’s podcast for news about vacancies.

Practice gratitude

Be grateful for what you have now, even if it’s not your ideal job. Appreciate your employment and the skills you’re learning. Keep a gratitude journal and jot down several things you’re grateful for daily. Thank the Universe for the job opportunity, and extend gratitude to all areas of your life. Recognize the good in your life, both professionally and personally.

Trust the process

Positivity is crucial in attracting what you want. When you exude positivity, you transfer it to others.  You attract people and opportunities that will help you find your next job. Let go of doubts and trust the Universe. The manifestation process works when you believe that good things are coming to you.  Go through the application process and leave the rest to the Universe.

How to-Manifest-a Job

How to Write a Manifestation for a Job

There is no right or wrong way to write manifestation intentions. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to write a job search manifestation journal:


Make a gratitude list. Your perspective changes when you appreciate your current situation and what you already have. Example:

  • I am grateful for my current job, which has helped me develop new skills.
  • I am thankful that I have a job that enables me to earn a living as I wait for my ideal job
  • I am grateful that I have an understanding boss and colleagues who help me acquire new skills

The 5×55 method

Write an intention 55 times for five days straight. For example:

  • I will get my dream job as a manager by December this year
  • I will get my dream job and salary this year

Let go of limiting beliefs

Write what you believe about work and cross out your limiting beliefs, replacing them with positive ones. Cross out the limiting beliefs with the following:

  • I appreciate my job
  • I am a capable worker with excellent skills and will get a promotion when a vacancy is available
  • I am intelligent and capable of leading others

The 369 method

With this method, you write your affirmations 3, 6, and 9 times, three lines in the morning, six in the afternoon, and nine at night for 21 straight days. For instance, repeat, “I will get my dream job that pays my dream salary of $XXXXX monthly by December this year. The 5X55 and 369 methods use the power of numerology. These techniques use repetition to rewire your brain and guide your focus.

Daily intentions

Every day, write down something you want to accomplish that day, which solidifies your direction for the next 24 hours. For instance. “I will speak to my boss about the upcoming promotion,” or I will finish my report by 2 pm today.”

Positive affirmations

Write positive statements that will help get rid of negative thoughts. For example:

  • I am capable of succeeding and living my dream life
  • I welcome all positive energy into my life
  • I have a right to get my dream job and fulfill my dreams
  • I have enough self-love

Surrender statements

This exercise helps you surrender to the Universe. It also helps in self-acceptance, self-compassion, self-care, and managing stress. For instance:

  • I can relax because this problem is short-term
  • I release the negativity directed at me by this difficult supervisor

How Growth Gals Can Help You Become Better at Manifesting Your Dream Job

Our aim at Growth Gals is to inspire women to reach their full potential. We also strive to create positive change by giving women the resources to discover their true selves and expand their knowledge base on various issues, such as emotional intelligence and mental health.

Growth Gals helps women overcome obstacles and make informed decisions. We also help them connect with others with similar values and experiences. Subscribe to the Growth Gals newsletter to access helpful guides and resources for women. Learn more about how we can support you and help you learn more about manifesting your dream job by signing up below or contacting us directly.

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How to Manifest a Job: Conclusion

Manifesting harnesses the power of positivity and the Law of attraction. Our thoughts are magnetic and powerful enough to attract what we put out to the Universe.  With the power of manifestation, you can secure a new job that pays you what you desire. You can manifest using one of the many manifestation techniques if you use the basic principles of asking, believing, and waiting.

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