Personal Growth & Wellness for Women

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Personal Growth

So many women feel stuck. They know they are meant for more, but they DON'T have the right tools or people around them to help them grow.

Women are taught from a young age to “be nice” and to put everyone else’s needs first. We feel pressure to be all things for all people, and in this process often neglect ourselves. This results in: 

  • Stress, overwhelm & burnout 
  • Fatigue & physical health ailments
  • Unhealthy lifestyles & weight gain
  • People pleasing & poor boundaries
  • A lack of purpose 
  • Rocky relationships
  • Disconnection from ourselves & our bodies
  • Loneliness & apathy 

We Can Tackle These Challenges



Healthy Lifestyle

Mental Wellbeing

Intentional Living

What we will be doing here at

Growth Gals


Support groups and topic-specific groups to receive wisdom from women who have been through similar things.


Evidenced & experiential based courses will be designed and curated to help overcome challenges.


One on one coaching for healthy habits, relationships, finding purpose, and all other adversities to help you thrive in life.


Practical journals for goal-setting, accountability, personal reflections, "how-tos" and more.


Purposeful getaways- from solo retreat workbooks to wellness /adventure group retreats- fostering connection, reflection, & growth.

"Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and GO DO IT. Because what the world needs is people who have COME ALIVE."

-Howard Thurman
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