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How to Start Over - What You Need To Know

Getting Unstuck By: Katie Lister

February 15, 2024

Do you want to change your life? Are you tired of the present and yearning for a better life? Want to know when and how to start over? If you answered yes to these questions, you are in the right place!

Hi, I am Katie Lister, a practicing Registered Nurse and the founder of Growth Gals. I lead personal development groups and communities and also coach women to become the best versions of themselves.

GG provides women with a safe space to come together to learn and get support from other like-minded women. We discuss emotional intelligence, mental health, and life, among many other different topics. This article will provide the information you need to learn how to start over and live a happy and fulfilling life.

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Katie Lister

Katie Lister

Written by Katie Lister, RN, BScN. An experienced Registered Nurse, Group Facilitator, Life Coach, and Community Leader. Read Katie's Full Author Bio

What is Starting Over?

Starting over is simply deciding to revamp your life and start afresh. The Greek philosopher Heraclitus said that change is the only constant in life. Life keeps evolving, and we all undergo different life changes as time passes.

For some people, change may be due to different reasons, such as marriage, divorce, death, and relocation to a new city, state, or country. Change could be involuntary, such as when a death or life-changing event happens. It can also be voluntary. This form of change comes when you decide you need a fresh start and start to do things that completely change your life’s trajectory by re-evaluating your values, priorities, and purpose.

Starting over allows you to question everything about your life and past choices. When you start anew, you reflect on your past and identify the actions that you need to undertake to change your life. Rebuilding can help you acquire healthier habits and foster personal growth. Some people start over by moving to a new job or relocating to a new town, city, state, or even country.

It’s never too late to start over when you feel stuck in a rut and as though your life has lost meaning. You can always venture into a new career path, leave a toxic relationship, get a college degree, stop unhealthy habits, and start afresh. While you may not have control over external factors like time and age, it is possible to control your mindset and focus on what you can change.

What are the Benefits of Starting Over?

Sometimes, you need to make significant changes to live a better life. Changing your entire life may feel daunting, but the benefits are immense. The benefits include:

Opportunity to reinvent yourself

Starting over is a chance to reinvent yourself. It’s an opportunity to reflect on your new goals, strengths, weaknesses, and values that will align with your new beginning. You get to define success without any external influences, and you can use this as a guide for new and exciting transitions.

It leads you on a learning curve

Starting over means leaving your old life behind and starting on a learning curve. It requires you to step out of your comfort zone when you are feeling blah, unlearn the old and learn new things. Whether it’s starting a new business, moving to a new town, or stopping bad habits, every experience is a chance to learn new skills.


You become more self-aware

By starting afresh, you get the opportunity to become more self-aware. You learn who you are, your strengths and weaknesses, and your resilience levels. Self-awareness also allows you to make more informed choices for your future.

You have the freedom of choice

Starting over allows you to choose the path that best aligns with your interests and values. You can do what you want without hindrances, expectations, or obligations from your past life.

How Do I Start Over in Life? 

A new beginning means starting afresh, learning how to get out of a rut, this time, armed with experience and knowledge. It’s common for most people to feel the urge to start anew, especially at the beginning of a new year. It could be something as simple as adopting a self-care routine or something as big as a career change. Regardless of what starting over looks like, here are a few tips to make the journey worthwhile.

Start with self-reflection

Before you start on a clean slate:

  • Start with some self-reflection.
  • Accept your past mistakes, and forgive yourself.
  • Think about where to start.
  • Listen to some inspiring podcasts, read books, or practice breathing exercises to calm and center you.

Reflecting also helps you get new perspectives about your old life and what you want to change.

Practice Mindfulness

To ground yourself, practice mindfulness or grounded meditation, which teaches you to live in the present while improving your general well-being. Streaming guided meditation playlists from Amazon or Apple Music is one way of practicing mindful meditation.

Journaling or meditating for a few minutes every morning or taking a walk during your work break will refresh your thoughts. Incorporating mindfulness into your daily routine helps to declutter your mind, leaving you rejuvenated.

Set clear goals

Set clear and achievable goals, and identify the things you need to change to live a fulfilling life. Identify three or five goals, separating them into short-term and long-term, and have benchmarks for each. Create a vision board and consistently refer to these goals for motivation. Continually revisit the goals to check your progress.

Muster the courage to commit to change

Committing to start afresh takes a lot of intentionality, courage, and self-awareness. You can plan your next steps once you identify your goals, values, and starting point. Committing to chance calls for changing in perspective and shift in your mindset. Encourage yourself and give yourself consistent positive self-talk and affirmation.

Make the Move

If you have taken all the necessary steps for self-improvement, it is time for action and positive changes. Start small and plan your move. You don’t have to make drastic changes, as small steps eventually compound into significant change. As you implement the new changes, acknowledge any progress you make. Celebrating your wins boosts your self-esteem and encourages you to keep going.

Get a life coach

A life coach is a professional who teaches self-improvement techniques. They can help you stop procrastinating and improve your overall life, including your career and relationships with friends and family members. A life coach can help you cultivate a work-life balance that will give you more time with your loved ones.


Build a support network

Surround yourself with supportive people who offer constructive feedback, celebrate your successes, and listen during challenging times. This network creates a positive environment for personal growth. Social media platforms are full of curated data that might make you feel like you are not making progress. It helps to spend less time on social media and more with your support system to avoid getting discouraged.

How to Start Over and Rebuild Your Life after a Major Setback

Starting over after a major setback is not always easy, and it is normal to encounter setbacks. Here are some tips on how to rebuild after a major setback.

Acknowledge your feelings

Acknowledge your feelings and allow yourself to feel disappointed and upset. Suppressing your emotions will make the problem feel worse than it is. Prioritize your mental health and have someone you can seek assurance and support from. Letting go of the disappointment and negative thoughts will help you get back on track.

Use the setback as a motivator

Every situation offers energy that you can use as motivation. When you hit rock bottom, use the negative situation to propel yourself forward and avoid the victim mentality.

Learn from the setback

Learn from your mistakes. Be honest with yourself and determine what went wrong during the setback. Analyze your role in the situation and what you could have done better. With this information, you can make changes to improve your chances of success when you bounce back.

Have an action plan

When faced with setbacks, take action and plan carefully. Consider your options and the level of risk you’re willing to take. For instance, review your resume and application if you failed a job interview, request for feedback about yourself from a colleague you trust, and where possible, contact the recruiter for more feedback for future interviews. Take small steps to move forward. The goal is to make progress, no matter how small.

How Growth Gals Can Help with Starting Over

Our mission is to inspire women to reach their full potential. We aim to create positive change by giving women the tools and resources to discover their true selves and pursue their passions. Growth Gals helps women overcome obstacles, connect with others who have started over, and live authentic lives that align with their values. At GG, we discuss issues like mental health, emotional intelligence, self-improvement, finding your purpose, and starting over, among many others.

Growth Gals helps women overcome obstacles and make informed decisions. We also help them connect with others with similar values and experiences. Subscribe to the Growth Gals newsletter to access helpful guides and resources and learn more about how we can help you live your best life.


Learning how to start over can mean learning how to start a new job, relocate to a new place, or kick bad habits. Once you decide to start on a fresh slate, start by self-reflecting. Practice mindfulness, set goals, be committed and build a support network. Seek the professional help of a life coach who will help you start over on a more professional footing. Joining a supportive community like Growth Gals can also go a long way in making your journey easier.

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