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Welcome to Growth Gals!

Our mission is to inspire you to be more than you thought you could be. We promote positive change by helping you discover who you really are and what makes you come alive. We help you get unstuck, connect with other women going through similar things and live a holistically healthy and authentic life.

Meet Our Founder

Katie Lister has a background as a Registered Nurse. Feeling disconnected with conventional health care, she started working for a functional medicine clinic in 2020. While much more aligned, she still realized that the vast majority of people are suffering or at risk of chronic health conditions because of lifestyle factors and living in our Western society that is setting them up for failure. While better than band aid-fix medications, the issue and the solution is still deeper than diet, supplements, and exercise alone. She wanted to help people in a way that felt more meaningful to her and in alignment with her values. After a decade of practicing nursing and researching masters degrees or career changes, she realized her “dream job” doesn’t exist. So what did she do? She created it… and Growth Gals was born.

  • Why? Katie grew up with parents that fear change and are complacent to whatever circumstances come their way, leading to loneliness, emotional suffering, and deteriorating health. This has become her biggest “pain point” that she is determined to solve. When people are unfulfilled, unhealthy, and unhappy – they play victim, take their shit out on others, and in extreme cases, cause harm. However when individuals take personal responsibility for their wellbeing, there is a positive ripple effect to their families, friends, communities, and beyond. They awaken to how they can contribute in this life, what is meaningful for them, and are more motivated to take care of themselves because they realize they MATTER.
  • Katie has always had a desire to explore the unknown and follow her curiosity. She traveled around the world in her early to mid twenties. In 2019, she moved from her hometown in Ontario across the country to Vancouver, BC where she met her partner Sean and dog Olly. In 2022 they moved to a tiny surf town, Ucluelet, on the west Coast of Vancouver Island where she currently resides. She surfs almost daily, leads a run club, operates their vacation rental, practices yoga, hosts pot-lucks with friends, beachcombs with Olly, reads, adventures, plays outside, and more 🙂
  • Katie is dedicated to living an intentional life by being the author of her ever-evolving story. She refuses to blindly accept whatever comes her way and instead CREATE the life she wants to live. Come do the same and join her and the Growth Gals community!

Our Mission is to inspire women to be more than they thought they could be.


    • Community: Fostering friendships and connection. Positive relationships help us live happier and longer lives more than any other factor. 

    • Vitality: Promoting optimal health to feel your best long term. Encompassing physical/mental/emotional wellbeing and cycle syncing.

    • Authenticity: Discovering WHO you are at your core and fully embodying this.

    • Growth: Challenging yourself, letting go of what no longer serves you, and adapting to change to evolve and become the best version of you.

    • Gratitude: Shifting from the mindset of what’s happening TO you to what’s happening FOR you is key to break free from victim mentality. Expressing gratitude is the start. 

    • Wisdom: Sharing lessons learned, research, stories, reflections, and thought provoking ideas help you navigate whatever you’re going through in your life.
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